<<To the Chief Musician to be played upon the Eight String Lyre>>

<<A Psalm of David>>


1 Help, LORD; for the Godly man is no more, and the faithful fail from among the children of men.


2 With vanity, deceit, and falsehood do they speak, everyone with their brothers and sisters, fellows and friends, husbands and wives, lovers, acquaintances, strangers, and neighbors; with flattering lips and double hearts do they speak. (¹wcv & ²)

¶ In a day when flattery, profane and arrogant boasting, blatant perversion, slander, cunning pretense, love of self, corruption, and debauchery are the sought-after attributes (gods) of men, like the Ark of the Covenant in the days of the corrupt King Saul, we will find the TRUTH abandoned in that long-forgotten clandestine clearing in the ancient Forest of the Deep Fetch safely kept by God’s own Oaks of Righteousness.

¶ Who, in their right mind, dwelling on God’s most magnificent earth in this here United States thought we would ever see such vile, open wickedness, senseless violence, and filthy, demented, in-your-face-perversion as we see today? “The Mystery of Iniquity is truly at work.” (2 Thessalonians 2:7)

¶ These filthy dreamers (Jude 1:8) simply began to appear, as they always do, in the midst of a spiritual, heavy-laden dearth to distribute among its inhabitants’ enticing forms of the second death. These evil perpetrators in days gone by hid in the shadows and were rarely seen in the light of day. But now, as in the Days of Noah, unashamed, unnumbered, unencumbered, and in force, like packs of rabid, wild dogs, and hoards of vicious, brute beasts, out of the Stygian wilderness they charge with all the madness the Evil One can muster; psychotic, deranged, maniacal creatures, frothing with insanity, devouring all that is loving, good, kind, right, civil, virtuous, decent, and godly. They are coached, empowered, and sent out by the upper echelon’s most cruel and vicious mentors whose diabolical roots reach deep into the heart of Satan. Their unseen, diabolical master grooms these upper echelon stooges by first “searing their consciences with his hot, searing iron; the iron of Diablo…” (1Timothy 4:2) “…after willingly having their consciences seared and their souls darkened they then become dead to reason, compassion, and logic alike, thus giving themselves over entirely to the spirit of Evil, which, in turn, enables the lascivious and perverse works of filthiness, fraud, extortion, greed, and all other types of savage malfeasance to proceed unhindered.” (Ephesians 4:19) These satanically groomed, upper echelon Ahab’s and Jezebel’s then recruit base and mindless hordes with blood money while enlisting the more idealistic ones with twisted scenarios of melodramatic bleeding hearts woven with shreds of truthlike candor which they then present to naive flakes as their moral duty to set things aright by taking what belongs to another, rioting in the broad daylight, snuffing out the innocent, in and out of the womb, and putting to the stake anyone standing up for what is Godly. This anarchy, when dangled before the angry and the disenchanted, the troubled, the rejected and demented, along with many who are simply naive, lazy, complacent, gullible, proud, or mindless, not to mention the young and the innocent, if taken hook-line-and-sinker, will forever ensnare them in the net of a Mephistophelean utopian breed so deadly that, in truth, they immediately become captives of an eternal terrifying Luciferian nightmare out of which deliverance is all but impossible. This, my friend, is how Satan’s blackhearted, venomous culture is advancing the cabals of the Lord of the Flies, bringing us from the fall of man to where we are today. The spirit of this Beast, who already possesses plethoric, diabolical power, far beyond anything human, will, in these Last Days, be allowed by God to be ordained for a short period of time with “lying signs and wonders…”(2Thessalonians 2:9)…which he will use to paint the holy as hateful, and garnish what is evil with a false show of goodness so enticing that this wicked masterpiece would “deceive even the Very Elect if the days were not cut short” (Matthew 24:22,24). Using evil means to achieve what is good while using what is good to achieve what is evil, the Evil One will create a highly complex yet masterful network that certainly will satisfy the lusty minds of the lost and deceive those who piddle with Christianity while those who Walk in the Spirit will be deemed too pure and be looked upon as so strange that the harlot church along with Satan’s hordes will want to drive them from the face of the earth to be found no more among the children of men until, of course, “the Abomination of Desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet steps up into the Holy Place where it ought not be” ruling the Hearts of Men. (Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14, Daniel 9:23,25,27)  You see, The Hearts of Men are meant to be the Temple of God on Earth, the Holy Place where the Abomination of Desolation ought not be. (Matthew 24:15, Isaiah 13:14)  My dear friends, please understand this; In the Last Days, for a season, (a Time, Times and Half a Time), not only will the satanic be openly ruling most of the earth without shame, but there will also be a religion without shame “Having a form of godliness but void of the Spirit” (2Tim. 3:5) which will hate the remnant. Thus you have the fulfillment of verse 8, “the wicked walking on every side.” (Ps. V. 8)

¶ As for the difference between the Remnant and the Harlot Church we must consider closely The Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25): They all looked like virgins, basically meaning, they were not outwardly leading wicked lives. They were all using His Name. They all outwardly professed Jesus Christ as Lord. They were all waiting for His Return. They all had Lamps. They all rested in the Lord sleeping peacefully – and when the call came at the Midnight Hour, HE’S HERE!”, they all arose to trim the wicks of their Lamps, which is when five of them realized they had no oil. They had run out of Oil. They must have once had Oil for they all had lamps and were trimming their wicks. The five whose oil was depleted begged the other five for some Oil. The other five replied in a manner that, today, would be deemed “un-Christlike”!  They said NO!No! If we give you our Oil we won’t have enough to get there ourselves. You must go buy your own.” (Matthew 25:9) Five went to buy Oil while the other five, traveled through the darkness of this age, and went IN to meet the Lord – behind them the door was shut. The other five showed up a bit later saying, “Lord, Lord, open the door, it’s us.” Then came the unsuspected, startling, terrifying answer from the other side of the door, “I don’t know you!” (Matthew 25:1-12) How terrifying to be left in the outer darkness with the damned when all the time you thought you knew the Lord. My LORD, my LORD, they all had the same outward appearance. They all knew who He was but He did not know all of them. Need I say more? I don’t know how this affects you, but it certainly keeps me checking my inventory.

¶ As Far-Fetched as it may seem, the Midnight Hour of His Return is about to come upon this present evil world and we who dwell in the midst of it but are not “of it”. (John 15:9, 17:6) The Midnight Hour is nearly upon us! The only Safe Haven is in the Secret Place of the Most-High. Those who ABIDE there are known as Oaks of Righteousness. They have been planted by the Lord Himself and hidden in the Forest of the Deep Fetch. The Forest of the Deep Fetch has been their ABODE since the Fall of Man. They were planted by the Ancient of Days Himself. These are those who possess Lamps full of Oil. These Lamps Full of Oil and these Oaks of Righteousness are one and the same. These Oaks of Righteousness “will not fear what man can do to them.” (Isaiah 61:3, Psalm 56:11)  They will flourish in the Strength of the Spirit of Holiness because they are Vessels full of Oil. The darker it gets the brighter these Lamps become. The greater the tempest the stouter these Oaks do stand. No drought shall wither the leaves of these Oaks of Righteousness nor shall any tempest uproot them (Psalm 1, Isaiah 32:2), for over these Oaks of Righteousness “the grave will hold no victory and death will have no sting” (1Corinthians 15:55) for they have been, are, and will forever be in Covenant Rapport with the Ancient of Days Himself. From the Light of these Lamps, the overwhelming darkness of the hour must take flight. (John 1:5) There is no speed of darkness, there is only the speed of light. As was David, these Oaks of Righteousness will be in Constant Covenant Camaraderie with the very TRUTH of Eternal Life. Their leaves will never wither, their Lamps will never go out, and everything they put their hand to will mature and prosper.” (Psalms 1:3, 18:28, 119:105)

¶ Yes, hell is at the door, for in these Last Days  “the mystery of iniquity has increased in quantum force and is indeed working overtime: For the One Whose “Hand” restrained this evil down through the ages is, in these Very Last Days, removing His Power of restraint in order that the Wicked One(s) may be unmistakably revealed so that he/they may be taken out.” (2 Thessalonians 2:7, Job 24:24)  “This Wicked One will come forth for nothing less than to work evil unimaginable and to perform lying signs and wonders with all the filthy wickedness and malicious might he can muster to convince whosoever-will to stray from, refuse, and even hate the Love-of-the-Truth by which they might be saved. His only agenda is to take you down with him into the terrors of the Abyss for all eternity.” For the Evil One to run his course is all part of God’s plan. For you to go down with the Evil One is not part of God’s plan. “For when you see the wicked spring up as does the grass in the spring of the year, flourishing and prospering as they are today, know this; it is for one reason only; that they may be destroyed forever.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12, Psalm 92:7) We have all been endowed with a free will. The choice is ours.

¶ And though we are indeed in the midst of the Great Falling Away, there are those whom all the hellish, hindering spirits, and fiery darts of Satan will not detour, whose sights are set on “the path of the just (which runs into and out of the Forest of the Deep Fetch) and who, as the days grow dark, will, as Lamps Full of Oil, out of the Lord’s Forest of the Deep Fetch, shine brighter and brighter unto the coming of the Perfect Day of the Lord.” (Proverbs 4:18)  So, “Let no man deceive you by any means (any means from the outer darkness nor any means from within the walls of a man-made religious system, the harlot church). Carefully consider this and take to heart; “that day shall not come, except first there comes a great falling away so that the man-of-sin will be unmistakably revealed as the son of perdition whom the Lord Himself shall destroy with the breath of the Sword of His Spirit and incinerate with the brightness of His coming that the Wicked One and his entire entourage (the God hater, the lukewarm piddlers, and the great harlot, Mystery Babylon) might all be done away with, damned, not only for rejecting the Truth but for taking such great pleasure in placing religious deception and vile wickedness in its stead” (2 Thessalonians, 2:3,8,12)

…which explains verse 3: Before it’s all said and done… 

3 The LORD will cut off all vain, insolent, and flattering lips along with the profane, boasting tongues of the wicked. (¹wcv & ²)

¶  “The vain, insolent, and flattering lips” belong to the harlot church which “has a form of godliness but denies the Spirit of God.” (2Timothy 3:5)  …of which some even go so far as to imitate with goofy theatrics manufactured by the flesh; a counterfeit Spirit of God.

The others, “with the profane, and boasting tongues” are the God-haters…

4 who have proclaimed with their tongues, ‘We will prevail. Our lips are our own. Who is Lord over us?’

(Sound familiar? “My body is my own!” Tell me David was not a Prophet). What they are saying is, “If there is a God we will prevail over Him, we have no Lord over us.”  …which, only under the mercy of God in their short time here on earth, is true, for He gave us all a Free Will to either receive or reject Him. He will not violate our free will, however, it takes a blind fool with a high degree of arrogance to take such a stand. (by the way, the Greek definition for the word fool is moros {moron} …and as I said, it takes a blind fool of high degree, a moron, if you will, not to consider the terrifying consequence of taking such a stance.

¶  You see, even though David proclaims in verse 1 that,  “the Godly man is no more”, and that “the faithful fail from among the children of men.” (which is very prophetic of the hour in which we live) He goes on to say that, in time, which is indeed winding down to the midnight hour, it will prove out to be quite a different story. For, even though, at times, when it looks as though all is lost and wickedness rules, it will indeed prove out to be quite a different scenario come the Day of Dead Reckoning. For In That Day, it will be the wicked who will be found no more among the children of men, for it is “the meek (those who by Faith maintain honesty, obedience, sincerity, compassion, and humility in the face of persecution, who are strong in the Spirit of Christ, Oaks of Righteousness) that will be found inheriting the earth and delighting themselves in an eternity of unimaginable glory and peace in the Kingdom of God.” (Psalm37:11, Matthew 5;5)

WHY? Because the LORD GOD says in verse 5

5 For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, I WILL ARISE, says the Lord, I will deliver them into the safe haven of My Secret Place from those that would ensnare them. (¹wcv & ²)

¶ The Lord then goes on to say in verse 6, through the pen of David, “Know this about Me”, says the LORD,

6 My words are pure words: more pure than silver refined Seven Times in the furnace of the earth. (¹wcv)

Simply meaning, ” What I say is Holy and All-Powerful and  will always, irrefutably, come to pass!”  …which, once again, brings us to the very hour in which we are living today.

7 You will hedge us about as with thorns, O LORD, (though we dwell in the midst of it²) You will keep us from this evil generation forever.


8  Even though the wicked are today WALKING ON EVERY SIDE (as never before²) for (the many degrees of) the vilest of mankind are certainly being exalted. (beyond measure in these here Last Days²)

¶ Strange Children inundated with insanity are indeed in force upon the face of the earth today. It is as if the Gates of Hell had been torn from their hinges allowing hoards of these Strange Children, these brute beasts, to crawl up out of the nethers and cover the face of the earth bringing with them the unimaginable; the gleeful indulging in the slaughter of the old, the godly, and the unborn while engaging in inapprehensible perversity and deeds unspeakable. These Filthy Dreamers now chair our institutions of higher learning and rule as judges in our land, they have even crawled into our Oval Office decreeing from it that there will be no Day of Dead Reckoning. Similar to Saul, yet far beyond the days of David, we are approaching the pinnacle of deception known as “The Abomination of Desolation” which is nothing less than Satan setting up camp in the Hearts of Men, of which the Lord says, “When you see these things begin to come to pass, LOOK UP and know that your redemption is drawing nigh.” (Luke 21:28) and remember, “when you see the wicked spring up as does the grass in the spring of the year, flourishing and prospering as they are today, know this; it is for one reason only; that I AM – about to remove them from the face of the earth forever into the abyss of everlasting torments.” (2 Thessalonians 2:6-12, Psalm 92:7, Revelation 14:11)  

Speaking of forever, I have forever wanted to co-write something with The Man After God’s Own Heart, so I’ll leave you with this:

Come out from among them while you’re able,

Do not mingle with them, they are dead,

And do not go a whorin’ with Delilah

She’ll cut your locks and hang them on her bed.

You’ll find yourself shackled, chained, and blind

On the alter in Satan’s banquet hall

Crying to the God of all creation

For the strength to get back where you belong.     {excerpt from the Song, Black Swan Rising © Will Callery}

 THE GODLY KIND  Will Callery ©William & Cynthia Pub. Co.©2023 BMI


Painting by Cecco del Caravaggio {Christ Driving Out the “Money Changers”}

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² / My Insert(s)

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