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Gathering the Jewels of the Morning Dew (revisited)


Wisdom, like the Morning Dew

In the wee hours of the morn

Descends, dropping down

On flower, thistle, and thorn. {that would be you & me}

Ten thousand times ten thousand drops {the Anointing}

Bestowed by the Hand of God, 

Bejeweld by the Morning Son  (shining through us)

Bedewed, arrayed, and shod. {the Armor}

The Diamond on the Lilly, {the Lilly of the Valley}

The Ruby on the Rose, {the Blood of Jesus}

The Sapphire on the bluegrass, {Mysteries of the Deep}

The Emerald on the Clove-r. {the Throne of God, Prophecy, Hope, & Peace}

Ten thousand times ten thousand

Daily come and go,

But man, he cannot Gather one {in the natural}

And keep it for his own              (the Mornin Dew ©Will Callery ©2017)

In the natural, we can have a Religion yet Gather nothing. Religion will not Gather you neath the Shadow of His Wings. Religion cannot Gather you into the Secret Place of the Most-High. Religion cannot Gather in the promises of God for you, which, in the Spirit, are all yes and Amen. Neither will Religion Gather lost souls into the Kingdom of God. Yes, we can gather every Sunday but it does not necessarily mean that we Gather in Spirit and in Truth. We can know many things about Him but if He doesn’t Know Us, it’s all in vain. The Anointing, like the Morning Dew, that descends upon Mount Hermon does not rest upon religion or settle upon doctrines of men. Only in the realm of the Holy Spirit are the Jewels of the Mysteries of God ours for the Gathering. “Ask anything in My Name… “And all things, whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing (by Faith), ye shall receive {Gather.} {Mt. 21:22, Mt. 7:7,11, Mt. 18:19,} ….and the list of the Promises of God are as abundant as the Dew upon the Meadow, however, the Promises of God can be Gathered only by the Children of the Promise. {Romans 9:8, Galatians 3:8,14,29}

In mankind’s search of the Deep not only can these Jewels not be gathered in the natural, they cannot even be found thru the understanding of the natural noggin. Oh, they’re widely talked about but never gathered. They cannot be gathered by the learned knowledge of the natural man.  The natural man cannot only not gather the Things of the Spirit, most of the time he can’t even find his own hat nor gather together what was once under it, the notions in his noggin. Neither can he gather, in a sensible manner, all that stuff that flits and flutters about his heart. There is no learned knowledge as opposed to revelation knowledge, ever gathered by the noggin of the natural man or uncovered by a heart of stone that can find God, discover the Origin of Matter, the Origin of Life, or the Origin of Creation.  Gathering the Jewels of the Mornin’ Dew is a frustrating impossibility to the Natural Noggin and the Heart of Stone. All they can do is create a cheap imitation, Artificial Intelligence. Artificial indeed!

The natural man, in his fallen state, cannot understand the Word of God much less Gather the Jewels of the Morning Dew, for the Jewels of the Mornin’ Dew are locked in Light deep within the Word of God. To the natural noggin and the heart-of-stone, whether they be characters of the fallen nature or stone-cold denominational creatures void of the Spirit, to them, the Wisdom of God is like unto a cow lookin’ at a new gate, and so, to be what they feel they must be, the natural noggin is driven to worship the body, the intellect, and the dollar, while, on the other hand, embracing theatrics, seducing spirits and the denominational doctrines of men is so enticing to the religious man who is void of the Spirit.

No matter what your financial standing or your intellectual capabilities are, without the utmost of sincerity and an unfeigned heart in forsaking the ways of this present evil world and waiting upon the Lord for delivery, attempting to Gather the Jewels of the Mornin’ Dew will forever be but farcical and futile. As BIG, charismatic, cavalier, knowledgeable, daring, and sometimes even humble as the natural noggin and the religious heart longs to appear in the eyes of others, their great pursuit of the Truth and cavalier chase after wealth and notoriety will, in the end, prove to be of no more avail than a dog chasing its tail. How sad! Sad, because the Real Thing is readily available to all.

Nonetheless, we must all be cautioned; No amount of money can buy them, nor can they be gathered by an intellect of high degree, neither, as some profess, are they tucked away in the Law, or in the keeping of the Old Testament feasts, or in the keeping of a sabbath, a holy day, a blood moon, or a new moon, nor can they be uncovered by a secret code. Unlike the heart and the mind of man, they can not be trespassed upon nor hoodwinked by the flesh. They can only be accessed thru the Spirit of God by Children of the Promise. {Romans 9:8, Galatians 3:8,14,29}

Ain’t It So!

THE OUTSHINING  will callery©


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  1. Awesome read my brother. Praise God for your life and your wisdom.. thank you for being you🤠👍♥️🙏. Who would have thought all those years ago in the darkness we would be led to the light🙏🙏🙏

Will Callery