¶ This Letter From Over Yonder is addressed to those who call themselves by His Name but think that to “get by”, they must dabble in the “ways of the world” and squander Time in a piddling fashion as if there was plenty of it to spare. This “Letter” is to the Fencerider, the Backslider, the Sinner, & the Saint, whether they be Pastors, Bishops, Elders, Deacons, Tycoons, a Heathern, a Harlot, a lowly Orphan, or one of the many others of no “Great Standing”, from the Disheveled to the Well-Groomed: “There is a way that seems so right in the eyes of men, but the end thereof is dishevelment, total ruin, and death.” {Proverbs 16:25 wcv} – “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the TRUTH is not in us.” {1 John 1:8}  – The Remedy?  “Wait upon the Lord…” {Psalms 37:9, Isaiah 40:31}

False Prophecy


¶ Beware of the enticing spirit of Compromise: As long as I am in this body, I will forever endeavor to put myself and those of us who are Born Again of the Spirit in remembrance of our First Love.  Our First Love: The One others can not yet see, yet He is the One Who sees us! He sees us through the deep and troubled waters that refine our character. He sees us through the refining fires of loss that burn away our dross then arms us with the precious mettle we need to pass through frays and afflictions with an unseen foe far more powerful than our natural man. The One Who turns all things about for our good ad-infinitum. The very One Who washed us in His Own Blood that He shed for each and every one of us upon a terrifying Old Rugged Cross. The One Who said, “IT’S FINISHED”. Our FIRST LOVE, Who puts a New Spirit (His Spirit) within us, “…creates in us a clean heart and renews (our spirit) a right spirit within us. (that we might fellowship with His Spirit)” {Psalms 51:10}… then seals us until the Day of Redemption with the Might and Power of that Spirit.  From there He goes on to decree, “IF” you ABIDE in Me, nothing, from this day forward shall reach up and snatch you from below.” “From this day forward you Stand in My Stead and in the Power of My Name and I stand in yours through the thick and through the thin, until I return. Your enemy is under My feet. Know this; the Power of My Spirit and the Kingdom of God lives within you… but always remember…Be wise as a serpent and harmless as the dove… for it is in your gentleness that I AM strong! And never forget, as righteous as your anger may be, Vengeance is Mine!” {Genesis 48:16, Malachi 1:14b, John 14:14, Matthew 22:44, Exodus 15:6, Psalms 59:16, Matthew 6:13, 2 Corinthians 13:9}  You see, “Because of my earnest expectation and my great hope, there is nothing, ever again, that I will ever be ashamed of, nothing!  With all boldness, I can now say, ‘Christ emblazons my inner being’. And as in Life, so as in death, I can now say, ‘O Death, where is thy sting’, which leads me to sincerely encourage you to live in Christ (and all that He is) and to die?…well, that’s the ultimate gain! {Philipians 1;20,21 wcv}  Now, Ain’t That So?!

¶ I will forever remind you that the Badlands, no matter how enticing, is but a Godless Land of Shifting Shadows. It is the Land of the Grand Mirage, where what you see ain’t what you get! Where what you see is temporary (a magnificent mirage) and what you cannot see is eternal (fixed forever by the Lord).  To see into this Mystery of the Unseen, the Eternal, you must ask, by Faith, for eyes that see and there is only One Who can give you eyes that see, otherwise, you will spend your whole life traipsing about the Badlands from one mirage to another until you find yourself down in that deep, dark, Valley of Hopelessness, and Disappointment. Yes, between Eden lost and Heaven gained, it is a treacherous neck of the woods we navigate, for in these straits roam the Wicked Walking Dead who have not only rejected their God but now, like rabid dogs, fly up in His Face daring Him to strike them down. We must realize, these Rabid Dogs of Hell were once innocent newborn souls who were either born into a household of hateful wickedness, a hardscrabble religion, or were cast off by those who bore them into the bitter, cold night of indifference. Left to fend for themselves they found themselves scurrying about the streets and gutters like dry leaves in the stiff, and heartless winter winds of hopelessness and fear. Left to the ruthless storms of life many became raging tempests, others, cool, calculating cutthroats joining the ranks of Satan himself.  Still, others, falling prey to overwhelming wealth come to see themselves as the gods of the earth. Now, fully grown, they have become haters of God and mankind alike. Thus their “soul” purpose in this short-lived life between the eternities is to kill, steal, and destroy any and everyone they can while continually flying up in the Face of God with all the wicked muscle they can muster. They just do not understand that it is only out of His great Love for them, and His longsuffering for all mankind, that He does not strike them down where they stand. Out of His fathomless Mercy, and overwelling Love he lets them go far beyond their appointed time in hopes that someone will touch their heart on His behalf. That’s where you and I come in, to reach as many as possible with the Good News of Jesus Christ before they cross over into Fahrenheit 451 where their consciences become seared by the Hot Iron of Satan, at which point they are invited into Lucifer’s banquet hall to become  “Ordained of Old for Wickedness”. To be “Ordained of Old for Wickedness” is to willingly cross the line, buying into the allegiance of, and bowing down to Satan and his domain. Once they take this final step, all hope of Repentance is destroyed. It has become a Done Deal! They have then, in their own ingredients of arrogance, violence, greed, pride, and lust, “Cooked their own Goose! “

The night is distant darkness,

Longspent and far behind.   {Romans 13:12}

The only Way up out of there

Was through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

My soul it has been saved,

Redeemed and set on high,

Why would I go back down into

That God forsaken sty.     {excerpt ©Wilderness Spirits ©WillCallery}

¶ Why? Because, in that menacing Land of Dark and Shifting Shadows, that treacherous neck of the woods, the Badlands, lies the Earthly Treasure which the Lord loves beyond measure. The Soul of Man.  The Grand Prize: The beleaguered, deceived, deceptive, tricky, dissembled, dodgy Soul of Man hides out in the Badlands.  He disguises and pretends, cloaks and veils, whitewashes and stonewalls, feigns and fools, shucks-n-jives, plays possum, can act godly, become highly religious, threaten, even maim and murder to conceal himself. And though the Lord hates his ways, He loves the man and his soul beyond measure and longs with all the Heart of the Father for him not to perish but to come to his senses and escape into the Land of the Living. {John 3:16} That, my Friend, is why you and I must go back down into that God-forsaken sty.

¶ Though at times we grow weary, discouraged, and even angry from traversing spiritual crags, snags, snares and tarpits, bramble, thistle, and thorn, we must remember that It Is Written in the Mystery, “…what is sown in weakness… is raised in Power.” {1 Corinthians 15:43 wcv}  …and so, to this end, we dare not break fellowship with the Spirit to dine with the Deceiver, to beef ourselves up at his table feeding on doctrines of men or even side dishes of mere religion. In doing so, we would take the great risk of deeming ourselves doomed to drift off into that seemingly comfortable, dream-like Land of Shifting Shapes and Shadows until the day comes when our number is up and our soul is required of us. Then, dispassionate and detached, we would find ourselves proclaiming one thing while being another. Come rain or shine, never dine with the man of compromise.  Be watchful, for he sets a magnificent table. If for any reason, you find yourself at his table because your foot has caught one of his slippery stones of discouragement, hopelessness, enticing deals, or lustful offers tripping you up in a slip or a fall, It’s up to you to get up from his table, politely excuse yourself and return to your First Love.

Have you tasted the Good Word of God

And the Power of the age to come?

Have you put your hand to the plow

And labored in the fields of your Father?

Have you fallen, stumbled and fell

Did your foot catch a slippery stone?

Are you torn from thistle and thorn

Tending the fields of your Father? 


Balm of Gilead, Everflowing Spring,

Can you fix this broken plow oh Lord

And send me back again

Into the fields of my Father  


Fields of thistle, fields of thorns,

Fields of fallen men,

Is this the Harvest of the Lord

Or the enemies camp I’m in? 

Jesus, I need your eyes To see this as you do,

Between the hard place and the Rock

They’re crying out for you. 


Upon this dark and bloody ground,

Out before the storm,

Two rains shall fall upon the field

It’s the Harvest of the Lord! 


Balm of Gilead, Everflowing Spring,

I’ve got to plough this fallow ground oh Lord,

Please send me back again

Into the Fields of My Father.      {excerpt from “Fields of My Father” ©will callery}

¶ At times we must buck up, muster our senses, and refuse to wax weary to keep from being swept away into the Land of Shifting Shapes and Shadows by the surging, powerful undercurrents of discouragement. We must decline the invitation, no matter how enticing, to parlay at the Table of Compromise. For his truth {which is a lie} is a Relative of his: A relative of his, not yours. Relative here but not there, relative there but not here;  “We’re all here ’cause we ain’t all there! ” (yet). To the deceiver & the deceived the TRUTH does not exist anywhere, or it becomes whatever they wish for it to be at that time.

I’ve seen it happen too many times,

Brilliant men trapped neath the weight of their minds.

When will we learn – the Lord is our strength,

River of God – I need a drink.   ©wc

¶ Only ABIDING in Him, and the ABIDING of His indwelling Spirit in us can empower us with the right perspective (the Gift of Discerning The Spirits), the full resolve, the Dunamis strength, and the Godly demeanor to withstand the opposing forces and severe pressures that inhabit the dense, weighty, heavy-laden atmosphere of sin in the lower regions of these Badlands. Without maintaining the House in which the indwelling Spirit of God ABIDES, these opposing forces, and severe pressures cause minute cracks in our well-worn noggins, you know, that thing that sits on our shoulders protecting our renewed minds. Even the slightest fissure in our protective pate, our noggin, can create a draft through which hints, traces and wraithlike smithereens of seemingly harmless worldly matter cryptically find their way in. Then follows a time of false revelation upon whose heels hasten the hoodwinking winds of deceit in which hide the sly and stealthy agents of the wicked one. Once in, they break forth like a flood, polluting our minds by transforming the long-settled, cryptic dust into thick, murky, septic waters by brewing up sequences of unrelenting squalls to wear us out and erode our renewed minds until we become victims of The Great Compromise. Then, as in the days of Noah, That Day will come like a thief in the night when we find ourselves scratching on the door of the Ark before being swept away with the wicked.  In drier, perhaps even more deceptive seasons, because of the lack of humidity, the former and the latter rains, these small, impatient, hairline cracks in our crown, over time, and sometimes even overnight, being impatient, open up into grand chasms, making it all but impossible for us to get back where we belong.

Come out from among them while you’re able,

Do not mingle with them, they are dead,

And do not go a whorin’ with Delilah

She’ll cut your locks and hang them on her bed.

You’ll find yourself shackled, chained and blind

On the alter in Satan’s banquet hall

Crying to the God of all creation

For the strength to get back where you belong.   

                        {excerpt / ©Black Swan Rising ©Will Callery

THE ROAD TO FORGIVENESS  A simple little song full of Light that will hopefully, for some, illuminate that Old Overgrown Path, that Seldom Traveled ROAD TO FORGIVENESS, The Only Road Out of the Badlands.

©Will Callery {Guitar/Vocs} & ©Joe Forlini {Slide Guitar}, Bobby Boyd {Harmony vocal}, Layton De Penning {Bass}.  Written by Joe Forlini & Will Callery – ©Joe Forlini Pub. & ©William & Cynthia Pub.©BMI 2013 / Recorded at Layton DePenning’s Elmo’s Lab Studio (Austin, Texas) by Layton DePenning.

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